Zelensky accuses Russia of war crimes during the bombing of Kharkiv

White House press secretary Jen Psaki speaks during a Monday briefing. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday that the United States has taken steps “to deal with any impact on global markets, global oil markets, which we expect to happen. if it happens, then it can happen and it can continue to happen in the aftermath of President Putin’s invasion.

Although she declined to comment on specific details, telling CNN’s Phil Mattingly that it “wouldn’t be constructive for our overall goals,” Psaki cited officials’ recent visit to Saudi Arabia, telling Phil ” that there has been an ongoing discussion about what steps we can all take as a global community to deal with any market volatility.

She also said the decision to sanction some of Russia’s biggest banks and support the expulsion of SWIFT was part of an effort to ensure the actions “maximize the impact on President Putin, Russia’s elite, economy, while minimizing it to global markets and the American people.

“I mean, even if you look at the impact on the energy sector, you know, we took action, we didn’t take action on energy sanctions, partly because we weighed that “Psaki said. “That doesn’t mean they’re not on the table, they’re still on the table, but the Europeans, for example, are very concerned about further spikes in gas prices.”

A little more context: Oil prices jumped above $100 a barrel after Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine, increasing pressure on a global economy already reeling from runaway inflation. Russia is the world’s second largest oil producer and a major exporter of natural gas. Supply disruptions could drive up retail prices, making it more expensive for people around the world to refuel their cars and for Europeans to heat their homes. Petrol prices are already at record highs in parts of Europe.

“So sanctioning energy would affect Russia’s revenue stream, that would certainly be a reason to do so, but would also have extreme consequences on global energy markets, especially for our allies in Europe,” he said. acknowledged PSAKI on Monday, adding that the administration has “additional supplements.” actions we might take, but we consider all of these factors when making decisions. »

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