World’s Largest Floating Office Opens in Rotterdam, Designed for Climate Resilience

Central company

The world’s largest floating office building opens in the Netherlands, where, unsurprisingly, it will house the offices of the Global Center on Adaptation.

Anchored in the port of Rijnhaven in Rotterdam, the office and organization will establish a combat partnership to try to mitigate the impact of climate change on our society, especially in a country located below sea level.

The Rotterdam Floating Office, or FOR, was recently inaugurated by King Willem-Alexander and former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who heads the team moving to the 4,500 square meters (48,500 square feet), office space on three floors.

Constructed from prefabricated lumber arranged atop 15 custom-built concrete pontoons, the upper floors have wraparound terraces to enjoy the city views.

An overhanging roof protects the interior from the sun. Powering FOR is an 800 square meter network of solar panels connected to onshore batteries.

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It also uses the waters of the northern Dutch port as a heat sink to regulate temperatures in offices without using air conditioning. Finally, desks are fully recyclable once the materials are no longer safe for continued use.

Central company

“We designed our floating office to reflect the values ​​of its people: the Global Center on Adaptation,” writes Central company, the architects of FOR.

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“This Rotterdam-based NGO… aims to promote planning, investment and technology to mitigate climate change.

“The carbon neutral building is designed to withstand the climate and will float if sea level rises due to climate change. Our climate resilient office is both an illustration of the centre’s mission and an example of how to build sustainable floating structures.

The Global Center on Adaptation has a ten-year lease on the building, after which it will pass to another tenant.

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