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Chinese Taipei remain the only undefeated national team in the XXX WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup after the first day of the Super Round. The reigning world champions gave the American hosts no chance.

Korea shut out and edged world number one Japan and look solid in the hunt for the World Championship game.

The Netherlands came from behind to defeat Mexico. They showed consistent defending, timely striking and dangerous running play.

Super Round Day 1 – the results

Netherlands-Mexico 7-4 THE SCORE OF THE BOX
Korea-Japan 8-0 THE SCORE OF THE BOX
Chinese Taipei-USA 6-2 THE SCORE OF THE BOX

The teams ranked fourth, fifth and sixth in the group will compete for places 7 to 12.

Placement Round Day 1 – the results

Italy- South Africa 2-1 THE SCORE OF THE BOX Lily ARTICLE
Canada- Australia 7-6 GAME BY GAME Lily ARTICLE
Brazil-Panama 3-2 GAME BY GAME Lily ARTICLE

Chinese TaipeiUnited States 6-2

Chinese Taipei beat American starter Cameron Johnson early in the first and didn’t need to look back. The reigning world champions remain the only undefeated team

American starter Cameron Johnson was unsuccessful in the first set. Reliever Cameron Tilly allowed one run on a pitching error and a second on a Chia-Wei Lin sacrifice fly.

Chinese Taipei made it 4-0 late in the third. Chia-Wei Lin doubled to right field and scored on an RBI single by Yi-Lei Sun. Jia-Xiang Sung doubled as well.

Chinese Taipei added two points on a goal-laden wild pitch and extended the lead to 6-0.

Bryce Eldridge made it 6-2 with a huge two-run homer over the dead center batter’s eye.

Chinese Taipei would not allow further races.

Korea- Japan 8-0

Korea was all over Japanese starter Hiruto Yamada, who didn’t get much support from his defense and didn’t survive the second set. Three Korean pitchers limited Samurai Japan to four hits.

Korea wasted no time closing in on Japanese starter Hiruto Yamada. Junyong Jeong hit a first single, advanced on a sacrificial bunt and scored on a hit by Beomseok Kim.

Jeongmin Kim chose with the bases loaded.

Another point scored on wild pitch and Korea made it 4-0 on a defensive error.

Korea added two more in the second on a wild pitch and hit from Dongheon Kim.

Korea made it 7-0 late in the third with a brace from Junyoung Jeong.

Korea added a run in the bottom of the sixth.

Japan loaded the bases in the top of the sixth, Reliever closed the game by hitting three numbers on the radar gun.


The Netherlands came from behind to beat Mexico in a game that saw borh managers trying to fabricate runs and put defenses under pressure. Reliers Stijn Van der Schaaf pitched three scoreless innings to take the win.

Mexico scored first. With runners in the corners, Alberto Barriga dropped a safety bunt that rolled just to the foul line.

Dutch pitcher Brandon Herbold ran the bases loaded, and Mexico added a run as Carlos Gutierrez failed at shortstop.

Mexico continued to drive the runners through the hit-and-run and scored again. Antonio Macias walked, ran to third base on a slow helicopter to second and scored as Manuel Estrada hit in a double play.

The Netherlands entered the scoreboard late in the fourth. Mees Robbersee doubled, moved up to third on a denial and scored on a groundout at shortstop.

. The Netherlands closed the gap to 3-2 in the bottom of the sixth. Angel Albertus doubled and scored on a single down the middle by Matis Crouwel..

The Dutch knocked their heads down late in the fifth. Alexander Albertus doubled and scored on back-to-back bunts from Yan Hoogendoorn and Jakey Josepha. The go-ahead came when Hoogendoorn scored on hard ground to be assisted by Kendrey Maduro.

The Netherlands extended their lead late in the sixth thanks to two more bunts from Matis Crouwel and Ryan Hoogendoorn.

The Dutch added a point on wild pitch and entered the seventh with a comfortable 7-3 lead.

Mexico cut the lead in the top of the seventh against Bryon Rincones on a two-or-out hit by Manuel Estrada.

Rincones got Ichiro on a grounder to give the Netherlands their first victory in the Super Round.


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