Woman’s horror as P&O Ferries leaves her stranded in Rotterdam without her fake teeth

P&O Ferries was in crisis last night after 800 crew members were cruelly sacked over Zoom, while travelers were stranded overseas, including a woman who was left without her false teeth

The mistake happened after P&O laid off 800 staff

A P&O Ferries customer who was stranded after the company sacked her entire crew has been left without her false teeth after her return ferry failed to show up.

It comes as the company abruptly fired 800 of its crew via video call and replaced them with cheaper agency workers.

The ripple effect has left customers stranded abroad and rushing home after the company suspended some services for 10 days.

A TikTok user shared a video of Rotterdam, where his friend Heidi had been left without her false teeth, after traveling from Hull, only for their return service to not show up.

In a video, she said: “P&O didn’t come and Heidi left her teeth on the boat.”

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She captioned: “This trip couldn’t get any worse, she left her teeth on the boat.”

People had stitches, with one viewer writing: “Well at least you can’t say P&O is toothless.”

Another outraged viewer wrote, “They should have let you get your stuff back since they were fired.”

A third added: “Good to have turned a bad thing into a funny thing, I hope [she] get his gnashers back.”

Thankfully, Heidi got her teeth back a day later – with a TikTok video capturing her jubilation at being reunited with her gnashers.

He can be heard exclaiming “Oh my god, my teeth. Flippin’eck, the panic about that was unbelievable.”

It comes as a captain of a giant P&O ferry traveling between Rotterdam and Hull was hailed a hero after he pitched his gangways and refused to allow police or new crew members to board his ship .

The captain of the Pride of Hull, understood to be Eugene Favier, locked himself and his crew inside the ferry in the port of Hull just hours after P&0 announced mass layoffs.

The ship normally carries a crew of 141 on board and is one of Europe’s largest ferries – making regular crossings between Hull and the Dutch port of Rotterdam.

The sit-in was resolved yesterday as the crew were pictured leaving the boat in the afternoon.

Gaz Jackson, a regional organizer for the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers, said negotiations ended when the company agreed to provide documents requested by the union.

The shipping giant blamed the mounting losses, saying: “We have suffered a loss of £100million year on year which has been covered by our parent company, DP World. This is not sustainable.”

P&O cut around 1,000 staff during the pandemic, while claiming almost £15million in government grants in 2020, including furlough payments. Yet the group’s revenue at owner DP World jumped to £8.1billion last year, while profits hit £2.9billion.

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