With JRR Tolkien’s house now for sale, ‘LOTR’ stars and fans launch campaign to preserve it


The house of JRR Tolkien – essentially the father of modern fantasy who wrote the beloved “The Lord of the Rings” series – is currently on sale.

Located at 20 Northmoor Road in Oxford, England, IndieWire claims the house is where Tolkien began to write his ultimate good versus evil story. Now fans are trying to get the house to become Tolkien’s very first literary hub.

You see, there is no center dedicated to Tolkien despite his importance in the world of books and the imagination. So, fans started a fundraising campaign called Project Northmoor to ensure not only that the house is maintained, but that Tolkien finally gets the physical appreciation he deserves while other literary minds are in the middle of it. boom are inspired.

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While even the smallest of creatures can change the course of the future, these fans have some really big names to help them along the way.

The actors who once played Tolkien’s characters lend their voices to the cause of Project Northmoor. Sir Ian McKellen, the one who donned Gandalf’s pointy hat, has appeared in a video supporting the cause. Additionally, John Rhys-Davis, who played Gimli, lent his voice instead of his ax. Even actor Derek Jacobi and singer Annie Lennox make an appearance.

Each person featured in the video tells the story of the house while also emphasizing the importance Tolkien served to the literary community.

The goal is to raise at least $ 5 million to buy the house. More money would mean the house could be restored further, like the garden Tolkien had so loved in honor of his memory.

You can donate to The Northmoor Project and help preserve JRR Tolkien’s home right here.

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