Will Helen find her voice?

As you prepare for New Amsterdam season 4 episode 18 airing on NBC next week, things are going to be emotional – absolutely.

At the end of this past episode, we learned that Helen Sharpe had lost her voice after the emergency operation to remove the blood clots. While part of her is getting better, there’s a devastating twist that could be extremely difficult to overcome.

So what exactly happened here to cause this? Speaking to TV Insider in a new interview, executive producer David Schulner notes that Freema Agyeman’s character “suffered a massive stroke as a result of the blood clots.” Meanwhile, fellow EP Peter Horton sets up some of the story to come:

The challenge is whether she will ever get it back, whether she can speak like herself again. Being able to speak is one of the cornerstones of your identity, especially for someone like Sharpe, who is so articulate and articulate. If she loses that, what does it do to her life, her identity, and her relationship with Max?

It is true that most of this story goes against the idea of ​​”More Joy”, which was presented as one of the central themes of the season. Between Max’s cancer and Helen’s, these two have been through a LOT over the past few years. We tend to believe that Helen will eventually find her voice again – promos for the sequel show her working on it.

Will there be a happier ending to this season? We sure hope so, but don’t be shocked if there’s at least one more dramatic twist at some point. After all, the writers are going to do everything they can to set the stage for Season 5.

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