Why are there only 13 episodes?

We are all currently in a waiting pattern, waiting for a premiere date for New Amsterdam season 5 ended on NBC. Will we learn soon? We sure hope so, especially since there are a LOT of big stories we need answers to right now.

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We already know the show is on the network’s fall schedule, and that’s at least one thing we’re excited about. It could be worse; we could be stuck sitting and waiting until mid-season! However, the bad news is that we only get 13 episodes for the final season. There are only so many opportunities to see these characters move forward.

So why on earth did NBC place such a small order on Ryan Eggold’s drama? That’s a great question but, unfortunately, it’s also a question without a completely clear answer. The simplest assumption is simply that the odds for New Amsterdam aren’t what they used to be, and this order allows the show to have a fitting ending while allowing the network flexibility to try other programs. Another important thing here is that through this 13-episode season, the show will be over 88 overall, which is usually the minimum threshold for series looking to venture into syndication. This last season order helps further guarantee that there will be money to be made in the future.

Because this final season IS so short, we have a feeling the story is going to move forward at a pretty fast pace. I hope this means learning why Helen decided to not go all the way by marrying Max on the roof. We always tend to think that there is more going on than we realize; or, that’s what we’re hoping for at the moment.

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What do you most want to see on New Amsterdam season 5?

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