Who is nurse Gabrielle de Reynolds in New Amsterdam?

New Amsterdam is no stranger to romance, and it looks like another romance is blooming.

After a whirlwind Season 4, which ended in an awkward love triangle and a baby, Reynolds (Jocko Sims) is finally back on the market. In Season 5, Episode 5’s “Grabby Hands”, the surgeon grows closer to the hospital’s new traveling nurse. But what should we know about her? Here’s everything we’ve learned so far:

Who is Nurse Gabrielle on New Amsterdam?

We first met Gabrielle in Season 5, Episode 4. When Reynolds was about to have surgery for his Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, he called off the procedure and suggested Dr. Flores to take over and do it instead. That’s when Gabrielle stepped in and bulldozed Reynolds for the operation.

Then, when she checks her vitals after a successful surgery, she continues to show that she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

“Dr. Reynolds, I have worked on four continents in six countries and 27 different cities, and I can say without a doubt that you are the worst patient I have ever encountered,” Gabrielle told him.

The encounter is brief, but there is clearly chemistry. We see her again in Season 5, Episode 5, when Reynolds almost agrees to go out with her after work. But after realizing that she is a travel nurse and will only be working in New Amsterdam for two months, he has second thoughts. At the end of the episode, he almost refuses her again and explains himself.

“I’m just one of those doctors pushing 40, and I’m a long way from where I thought I would be outside of this hospital,” he says. “I’m looking for something more permanent and have been for a long time.”

But Gabrielle doesn’t take no for an answer.

” How is it going for you ? she asks about her dating history. “Maybe you were wrong. All I’m going to say is it’s amazing how much fun you can have in eight weeks.

At the end, the two walk out of the hospital hand in hand for a drink. There’s definitely a new romance on New Amsterdam.

Who plays Gabrielle on New Amsterdam?

The Travel Nurse is played by actress Toya Turner. You might recognize her from the Netflix fantasy series Warrior Nun, in which she plays Shotgun Mary. She also made small appearances in A Chicago universe as a woman named Jayna Miles in the Chicago Med Season 2 premiere and as Peaches the Prostitute in Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 13.

You can follow Turner on his Instagram @iamtoyat.

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