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We have already completed quite a few projects – and there are still more on the horizon. As Director of New Business Development of the Port Authority of Rotterdam, Nico van Dooren sees himself as a grateful, critical and above all incredibly impatient observer of current developments in the port. According to Van Dooren, Rotterdam is no slouch when it comes to achieving its ultimate goals: clean production and clean transport: “This is not a pipe dream. We’re working on it right now.

It was only recently that the Dutch government set aside a budget of more than € 2 billion to store the captured carbon emissions of four large companies in the Rotterdam port area in tanks below the seabed. Porthos, as this project has been baptized, is intended to help local industry achieve its climate ambitions. An important step according to Van Dooren: “In three years, we will be able to capture and store huge volumes of greenhouse gases. And the port has achieved more results like these in recent years. Van Dooren mentions the Vondelingenwarmte project, in which waste heat from the Shell site in Pernis is used to heat 16,000 homes in Rotterdam. Or the onshore Heerema Marine Contractors power station on Calandkanaal, which supplies renewable energy to large offshore crane vessels. The electricity in question is produced by wind turbines on the Rozenburg peninsula. “Ships can turn off their diesel generators, which is good news for air quality and carbon savings. Another example offered by Van Dooren are the numerous investments in hydrogen projects, which have served as the engines for other promising developments. Even if he hastens to also mention the risks associated with innovative projects of this type. “We don’t know which form of hydrogen transport will prove to be the most efficient. To find out, you need to invest in all of these different developments – from transporting liquid hydrogen to hydrogen packaged in methanol.

Nico van Dooren Director of Energy and Industry Port of Rotterdam

Nico van Dooren, New Business Manager, Rotterdam Port Authority


According to Van Dooren, not a day goes by in Rotterdam without an event bringing us a little closer to the energy transition. For example, the first 50 ton electric truck was recently put into service in the port area. People are eagerly awaiting the results of a trial that could present the solution for zero-emission zones coming into effect for freight transport in the Netherlands from 2025. And it won’t be long before a ship of electric-powered inland navigation makes its first test. in Rotterdam.

The required docking station for the ship’s mega-batteries is already in place. Van Dooren is convinced that Rotterdam is looking towards a bright and sustainable future. “But we can’t do everything ourselves. We need a government that is truly committed to this goal, and that will help us with the necessary pre-investments. “

This article was included in ‘De aanpak’, a supplement to the AD journal published by ADR Nieuwsmedia in partnership with Platform Transities Rotterdam, and made possible in part by Deltalinqs, Eneco, the Rotterdam Port Authority, the University of applied sciences of Rotterdam and Woonstad Rotterdam.
Source: Port of Rotterdam

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