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A major accident at a wedding leads to a search for a rare blood type in New Amsterdam Season 5, Episode 3. Don’t miss anything from tonight’s episode.

Everyone wants their wedding day to go off without a hitch. There are always small inconveniences during the day, but no one expects a major emergency. Well, that’s the urgency that happens in the new episode of New Amsterdam.

The hospital is filled with injured guests. The groom is also injured to the point where he needs a blood transfusion. There’s a problem: he has a rare blood type. Is it going to be something similar to the resident when Chastain’s doctors were looking for something that matched Kade’s blood type?

A traumatized child in New Amsterdam Season 5, Episode 3

Iggy is also going to be needed for a patient. A young girl is so traumatized by the event that she cannot speak. She’s the epitome of the creepy kid with that look in her eye. Is it possible she said something during the wedding that led to the incident? Something happened to her and she doesn’t say it?

All the while we will return to Bloom’s personal life. She decided to move in with her sister at the end of the previous episode. She did this under the guise that she needed a place to stay, but it’s really because she’s so worried about the state of her sister’s house that she wants to check on her.

Check out the promo and synopsis of New Amsterdam Season 5, Episode 3:

An explosion at a wedding ceremony sends a flood of injured revelers through New Amsterdam. As Max and Dr. Wilder scramble to find a rare blood type to save the groom, Reynolds and Bloom treat a couple with bizarre injuries. While helping a young girl out of a catatonic state, Iggy learns the truth about marriage.

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Date: Tuesday, October 4
Start time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 5, Episode 3, “Big Day”
TV channel: NBC
Direct: Stream 1 | Stream 2

New Amsterdam airs Tuesdays on NBC.

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