Various people threatened for the construction of the new Feyenoord stadium


Several people involved in the construction of a new stadium for the football club Feyenoord have received threats from opponents of the project. Stadium architect Ard Buijsen was threatened last Saturday when at least 15 men in black hoodies stood on his door and knocked on his doors and windows. Threats were also made against the Rotterdam city hall and potential investors.

Feyenoord supporters are sharply divided over plans to build a new stadium for football club Feyenoord City in Rotterdam. While supporters of the plan see it as a necessary step for the club, opponents see it as too expensive a plan for the municipality.

Feyenoord has not yet finalized the financing of the new complex. In addition to the Municipality of Rotterdam, it is also expected that a group of Rotterdam investors will participate in the plan by purchasing shares. Their contribution would be estimated at 40 million euros.

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb called the threats “very sad and silly”. He said, “In a democracy, supporters and opponents can talk to each other. But if the people’s representatives cannot freely make a decision, because they are afraid that something will happen to them or to their family members, then it is a long way off. “

The mayor ended the city council meeting in Feyenoord on Tuesday. He also called off consultation talks with supporters that were scheduled for this week. “Not all those involved in the town hall feel free to express themselves on the decision-making concerning the city of Feyenoord,” said the statement from the Municipality of Rotterdam.

According to Aboutaleb, Feyenoord’s delegation and a number of councilors doubted they could feel safe at Town Hall. The mayor of Rotterdam said threats were made against the town hall itself late Tuesday afternoon.

Most Feyenoord fans have said they condemn the opponent’s actions. “We have to get rid of these so-called supporters. They are the syrup that stops progress; Nails in the Coffin, ”wrote a fan on FR12, one of Feyenoord’s biggest fan sites.

Another user is worried about the consequences that the threats will have on Feyenoord’s sponsors. “No, is it crazy that big companies and Dutch multimillionaires don’t line up at our club?” “

Some investors have considered withdrawing from the plan due to the threats. “We understand the concerns of investors,” a source told Rijnmond. “But if the stadium is not built for this reason, it goes against any sense of justice.”

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