Vardine wins bench press records, looks for more


Rotterdam powerlifter Vinnie Vardine is aiming for more bench press records after setting several in the past two months in the men’s 65-69 division.

In April, Vardine, 65, set national and world records by age group in the 308 pound class with a bench press of 340. In May, he set national and world records by age group in the 308 and over class, or super heavyweight class, with a bench press of 345.

His records are recognized by the American Powerlifting Association and the World Powerlifting Association.

Vardine’s most recent performances are part of a sort of powerlifting comeback tour for the former wrestler, football player and shot put / discus star, who after a long hiatus and surgery at the shoulder in November 2016, began to move the weights again.

“I want to show older people that you can achieve things,” Vardine said. “I want to give them hope.

Vardine said his next goal was the pursuit of the US (345) and World (330.5) divisions gross records of 275 pound bench press on August 28 at the Northeastern States Championships in New York. Hampshire.

“I want to do it,” said Vardine, who participates in drug testing. “I have it in two and I want to do it in three.”

In April, at the APA National Championships, which were held at multiple venues, Vardine was in a Connecticut gym weighing 305.5 pounds when he achieved successful bench press results at 315, 325, and 335 pounds before his 340.

Vardine also set a world record that day for his division in the push-pull with a performance of 700 pounds (340 bench press, 360 deadlift), although he hypertensive his right knee in the process.

He was still recovering in May at the APA Twin State Championships in New Hampshire, where he reached 312.5 pounds and had bench press results of 315, 325 and 340 before his 345.

“I’ve been on a pretty good roll lately,” Vardine said of the Twin State event. “I can’t believe I had such a great day.”

Vardine said after his shoulder surgery he achieved bench press results of 300 pounds in 2017, 315 pounds in 2018 and 360 in 2019 and set several New York records along the way before the COVID-19 pandemic does not force the cancellation of competitions in 2020.

“On the way home, I wanted to take my time,” Vardine said. “I wanted to cheer myself up. “

Just before stepping away from the sport in 2007 at the age of 52, Vardine joined a select group of over 50 weightlifters to bench press 500 pounds gross when he hoisted that amount as a super heavyweight. at the APA Northeast Open in Vermont. En route to that long-held goal, he had lifts of 455, 475 and 485 pounds that day.

He said his personal best was a bench press of 575 pounds in 1994.

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