Ukraine War: West has ‘serious concerns’ that Putin may unleash chemical weapons on Kiev | world news

Western officials have warned of their “serious concern” that Vladimir Putin may order the use of chemical weapons on the Ukrainian capital.

In an assessment, they say an “utterly horrific” attack on Kiev could be unleashed as Russian forces try to overcome logistical problems that apparently plagued the convoy heading for the city.

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In a briefing to reporters, an official said: “I think we have good reason to be concerned about the possible use of unconventional weapons, in part because of what we have seen that has happened. played in other theaters.

“As I’ve mentioned before, for example, what we’ve seen in Syria, partly because we’ve seen a bit of a set-up for that in the false flag allegations that are coming out, and other indications as well. .

“So it’s a serious concern for us.”

The officials also said there was hope that China would push to end the violence, but there was disappointment that Beijing had so far not been clearer on the fact. that “unwarranted invasion” was unacceptable.

New members of the Territorial Defense Forces await military exercises amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in Kiev, Ukraine March 9, 2022. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko
New members of the Territorial Defense Forces await military exercises amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in Kyiv

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It comes after Downing Street said the Prime Minister, who met his Polish counterpart in London Mateusz Morawiecki yesterday, felt it ‘would not be tenable for NATO pilots and NATO-badged jet planes NATO shoot down Russian planes”.

The Allies fear such a move would risk provoking a wider conflict, and the Western official said the difference between the weapons is that the existing support is “defensive”.

The official also warned that Russian troops on the ground “continue to tighten the noose” around Kiev.

They said: “It’s definitely not over, they’re still ready to move in, we’re reasonably confident. It’ll be quite awful when they do, I’m sure.”

Officials say a ‘totally horrific’ attack on Kiev could be unleashed

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A second official warned of greater repression of the Russian people to come as the Russian president faces a protracted campaign for which he has not prepared his citizens or his troops.

They said: “It will end because of a combination of factors, one of them is the impact of the sanctions, but that’s only one of them.

“I think unfortunately the state response will not be to think about the best interests of ordinary Russians, the state response will be to double down, control information, blame others and try to see what they can do through the partnership they can do with China and a few other countries to make up for the worst.”

On Tuesday, UK Ambassador to the Netherlands Joanna Roper posted a statement on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons website, urging the organization to be vigilant.

She said: “The UK remains concerned that Russia may use the pretext of chemical weapons to try to justify its unlawful actions in Ukraine and we know only too well that Russia is also ready to use weapons. chemicals against others.”

It came after the British delegation to the world’s chemical weapons watchdog and a group of supporters walked out of a meeting in The Hague in response to what the delegation called ‘unacceptable Russian lies about Ukraine’ .

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Russia vetoes Syria chemical weapons probe

Wednesday, Russia says it has uncovered a military bioweapons program in Ukraine – a claim described by the United States as “absurd propaganda”.

During Syria’s civil war, despite evidence that chemical weapons had been used against civilians by Bashar al-Assad’s regime, Russia – which supported Syrian forces militarily – used its veto in the UN Security Council to prevent action being taken against his ally.

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