Two new summer routes from Zadar airport, KLM strengthens Dubrovnik-Amsterdam next year

December 18, 2021 – The latest flight news to Croatia with two new summer connections from Zadar Airport from Oslo and Lübeck, while KLM strengthens Dubrovnik-Amsterdam next summer.

Two foreign airlines have announced connections to Zadar airport – from Oslo and Lübeck, Croatian Aviation reports.

Namely, Flyr and Lubeck Air have announced new routes to Zadar Airport for next year’s summer flight schedule, directly connecting Zadar to Oslo and Lübeck.

The new Norwegian airline, Flyr, will connect Oslo and Zadar from April 9 to October 29 next year, twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday. The 180-seat B737-800 aircraft has been announced on the route, and the route will operate from Gardermoen Airport in Oslo.

Lubeck Air will operate a direct flight between Lübeck and Zadar from May 19 to October 27, 2022, once a week, on Thursdays. ATR75s have been announced on this route.

Additionally, Croatian Aviation reports that Dutch airline KLM will introduce additional flights to Dubrovnik Airport next summer.

The oldest airline in the world will soon officially announce the schedule of summer flights, including news for the Croatian market. Namely, KLM will significantly increase the number of weekly operations between Amsterdam and Dubrovnik.

The Dubrovnik-Amsterdam line was introduced this summer, after 33 full years, and flights between the two cities mentioned in high season were daily.

Given the high interest from passengers, KLM plans to operate between Dubrovnik and Amsterdam twice a day and 14 times a week next summer while maintaining two daily flights to Zagreb and up to three daily flights to Split.

Next year KLM will offer 7 daily flights and 49 weekly flights to Croatia during the peak summer season. Given the quality of service and the vast network of destinations, and its central hub in Amsterdam, there is no doubt that the airline will bring a significant number of tourists to Croatian airports next summer.

KLM currently operates twice daily to Zagreb and will briefly launch a line between Split and Amsterdam around Christmas and New Years.

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