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Q: I wonder if the season finale of “New Amsterdam” is the series finale. The main character left the hospital and moved to London.

A: Firstly, what you saw recently was not the season finale, but what is sometimes called a mid-season finale or a winter finale, a dramatic episode leading to a hiatus throughout the season. TV season. “New Amsterdam” is back on the NBC program on January 4 after the season premiere of “This Is Us”. There have been constant rumors that star Ryan Eggold is considering leaving the show, but he will be there when the show resumes. Showrunner David Schulner told Max Goodwin (Eggold) and Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) “have their own challenges in London. Just because they follow joy doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. They have their own challenges… but it is certainly joyful for them. … And sadly, we juxtapose this joy in London with what is happening in New Amsterdam, which couldn’t be worse.

Q: When will the sixth season of “Outlander” air?

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A: The new season of the series based on Diana Gabaldon’s books is slated to begin March 6, 2022 on Starz. It is inspired by Gabaldon’s book “Un souffle de neige et de cendres”. According to several reports, the sixth season will only have eight episodes due to production delays related to COVID. But a seventh season has already been ordered.

Q: Is Benny coming back on the “Bull” TV show?

A: No. Freddy Rodriguez, who played Benny Colon, was ousted from the show last spring along with producer Glenn Gordon Caron following a workplace investigation, as reported by Details of the investigation were not disclosed. But “Bull” has been under surveillance for several years following accusations of sexual harassment by actress Eliza Dushku against star Michael Weatherly. “Bull” remained on the air, and Weatherly with him, after a network official said Weatherly felt remorse for his conduct and apologized.

Q: Someone has written to ask about “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”. It can be found on the Decades channel from Monday to Friday.

A: In a column a few weeks ago, I mentioned that Moore’s classic comedy was on Prime Video, Hulu, and DVD – but several readers pointed out that I missed its inclusion on the Decades nostalgia-based channel. . (It’s a big world of entertainment and sometimes I get lost in it.) Decades is a digital channel often available as a secondary service to a broadcast station; In addition to Decades, these digital sub-channels include MeTV, Grit and Laff. Your cable or satellite provider may also have them. To find out where Decades is in your area, visit / wheretowatch.

Q: When the updated Homecoming episode of “The Waltons” aired recently, son Ben was missing from the story. Was there a reason for this?

A: According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, ‘The Waltons’ Homecoming’ executive producer Ben Haskell said, “We made the decision to cut it down to six (kids) because we had so many characters in this movie… to serve as what. ‘having another child was going to complicate that in the short amount of time we had to tell the story we wanted to tell. If The CW commissions more Waltons stories, Ben will be one of them, Haskell said. By the way, the movie “Homecoming” premieres on The CW on December 11 and airs on and the CW app.

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