Tonko pushes for federal support for local infrastructure projects


AMSTERDAM, NY (NEWS10) – Congressman Paul Tonko submits nearly 20 proposals for transportation projects in the Capital Region to the House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee in a bid to secure a federal funding. Proposals selected by the committee may be eligible for funding under the Surface Transportation Authorization Act expected to be proposed later this spring.

“My office has spent the past few weeks coordinating with local leaders, organizations and municipalities to develop a list of valid and eligible projects that will bring the necessary federal funds and positive improvements to transportation in our Capital Region. I am delighted to announce my member-nominated transportation plans for consideration for the next surface transportation package. Over the next few weeks, I will work tirelessly to ensure that each of these worthy projects receive a full and thorough review, and I will push for these proposals to receive the federal funding they deserve. My gratitude for the dedication of everyone who submitted a project and for their commitment to improving our region for all who live there.

Congressman Paul Tonko

Projects submitted by Representative Tonko can be found on his website.

Project sponsor: Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA)
Project name / location:
Purchase of eight electric buses for emerging markets – Montgomery County
Quantity required: 6,000,000 USD

Project sponsor: Albany city
Project name / location:
Rehabilitation of New Scotland Avenue
Quantity required: 2,000,000 USD

Project sponsor: Amsterdam city
Project name / location:
Multi-Modal Phase I / Pedestrian Connector
Quantity required: $ 4,500,000

Project sponsor: Town of Saratoga Springs
Project name / location:
Crescent Ave Segment Saratoga Greenbelt Trail – Engineering and Construction
Quantity required:
$ 660,316

Project sponsor: City of Schenectady
Project name / location:
Craig Street Corridor Project
Quantity required: 2,700,000 USD

Project sponsor: City of Troy
Project name / location:
Route 2 multimodal connectivity project
Quantity required: $ 5,700,000

Project sponsor: Albany County
Project name / location:
Watervliet Shaker Road Road Improvement Project (CR 157) Phase III
Quantity required: 3,806,400 dollars

Project sponsor: Saratoga County
Project name / location:
Coons crossing Anthony Kill: bridge replacement
Quantity required: $ 940,800

Project sponsor: Saratoga County
Project name / location:
Lasher road bridge over the death of mourning
Quantity required: $ 680,800

Project sponsor: Schenectady County
Project name / location:
Improvements at the intersection of Rosendale Road and Old River Road
Quantity required: $ 702,000

Project sponsor: Schenectady County
Project name / location: River Road Roadway Preservation Project
Quantity required: $ 880,000

Project sponsor: Schenectady County
Project name / location:
Rosendale Road Pavement Preservation Project
Quantity required: $ 720,000

Project sponsor: Town of Clifton Park
Project name / location:
Improvements to bicycle and pedestrian access to NY 146 and NY146A
Quantity required: $ 1,055,000

Project sponsor: Town of Clifton Park
Project name / location: Clifton Country Road Pedestrian Improvements
Quantity required: $ 1,280,000

Project sponsor: Town of Clifton Park
Project name / location:
NY146 / Miller Road / Tanner Road: intersection improvements
Quantity required: $ 1,728,000

Project sponsor: Halfmoon Town
Project name / location:
New York Highway 236 and CR 94 (Guideboard Road) intersection improvements
Quantity required: $ 3,940,000

Project sponsor: City of Malta
Project name / location:
NY 67 and East Line intersection improvements
Quantity required: 3,200,000 USD

Project sponsor: City of Westerlo
Project name / location:
City of Westerlo Multipurpose Parks Multi-Use Trail
Quantity required: $ 200,000

Project sponsor: Green Island Village
Project name / location:
Arch Street Reconstruction and Improvement Project
Quantity required: $ 1,308,000

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