Thousands of social rental apartments in need of urgent repairs


The condition of one in 25 apartments in the social housing market was rated from moderate to very poor, according to figures from the Housing Corporation Authority, according to RTL Nieuws. This represents around 80,000 apartments in the Dutch social rental housing market which are in urgent need of repair.

For tenants, that can mean moldy walls and ceilings, rotten window frames, impassable balconies, and rotten window frames.

The condition of the apartments is rated by independent inspectors on a scale of one to six, with one being the highest rating. A three means the apartment needs repairs soon. Once the condition of the apartment reaches four, it needs to be repaired immediately. “Then you have to keep in mind that the house will soon need a lot of maintenance. In zero to three years, ”independent housing inspector Roel Warringa told RTL Nieuws.

The age of the apartment should not be an excuse for insufficient maintenance, according to Warringa.

Waiting too long to make repairs to avoid costs will only make repairs more expensive in the end.

Especially in Rotterdam, there were a lot of apartments in poor condition. Almost half of all Woonstad Rotterdam apartments receive a rating between three and six.

Woonstad Rotterdam claimed that the figures do not give an accurate picture. The apartment’s condition score is only updated after repairs are complete and it is not possible to do them all at once, Woonstad Rotterdam said. “There are too many social tasks and too few resources to focus even more vigorously on increasing the level of maintenance,” said Woonstad Rotterdam.

The housing union said structural changes need to take place to improve the conditions of the apartments. “We think it’s normal for a car on the road to be safe, but we don’t feel the same for an apartment. We would like to see a periodic inspection of the quality of housing, ”demanded the housing union.

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