The use of fast delivery is skyrocketing in the Netherlands

Fast delivery is rapidly gaining popularity in the Netherlands. Last month, 2.8% of the population said they had used these delivery services that promise 20-minute grocery deliveries at least once. That’s double from August when 1.4% of people used these services at least once, market agency GfK found in a survey of nearly 4,600 consumers, NOS reports.

Four fast delivery services are currently active in the Netherlands: Zapp, Getir, Gorillas and Flink. They are not yet available everywhere, mainly in big cities. Flink is the most popular, with 52% of fast delivery users using this company. Gorillas are in second place with 48%, followed by Getir at 21% and Zapp at 15%.

There is also some opposition to these new delivery services. Amsterdam and Rotterdam have announced a ban on the opening of new “dark shops” in cities for at least a year. It is a kind of mini-distribution center for fast delivery services, often located in the middle of residential areas. Residents complain of blocked sidewalks, noise, and reckless bike or scooter delivery people.

“In Amsterdam and Rotterdam, there is indeed societal opposition to fast delivery people,” GfK’s Norman Buysse told NOS. “But consumers clearly need it. Its popularity continues to grow, especially among young people, but also among people with children.”

GfK conducted its investigation last month amid the wave of the Omicron coronavirus that has left many people quarantined at home. “I think the fast delivery people took advantage of this situation,” Buysse said. “The question is how many people who started using it in quarantine will continue to do so afterward. I expect people to get used to the convenience.”

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