The Untold Truth of New Amsterdam Pink Whitney

The Smokey Bones barbecue chain is actively coming up with new ideas. According to Geekspin, Smokey Bones launched a limited-time selection of candy-inspired cocktails in 2022. The drinks are fun, sweet, and creative. These cocktails are likely to take drinkers on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, perhaps to less heavy times, long before the pandemic darkened.

The limited-edition versions of Smokey Bones are available in three different cocktails: Blue Lagoon, served in a blue jar with nerds and Swedish fish, Honey Bear, with gummy bears, and the Pink Strawberry Swizzle, which incorporates Pink Whitney in a cocktail topped with Starbursts. The Pink Strawberry Swizzle includes ingredients such as pureed strawberries, fresh lemon juice and club soda, and RumHaven Coconut Rum.

The cocktail is light, playful and original, just like the Pink Whitney. Even commercials for Pink Whitney embody its fun vibes: in the Ice Breaker, Ryan Whitney skates towards Bissonnette, who has just poured himself a glass of Pink Whitney, and takes it from her. The locker room sees the podcast duo bond with Pink Whitneys after a hockey win.

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