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News article | 05-27-2021 | 06:20

The Netherlands are proud to have hosted the famous Eurovision Song Contest 2021. This competition brings countries together in a “song contest”, with the aim of promoting inclusion and freedom of expression, values ​​that we darling!

Last year it was canceled due to the pandemic, but this year it was successfully conducted in restricted form of ‘COVID evidence’ in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is famous for its resilience, diversity and unadorned urban culture, and the port is the gateway to Europe. There is also a close relationship with Indonesia, as Jakarta and Rotterdam are sister cities and work together on cultural heritage, water and many other topics. With the festival slogan #Openup, Rotterdam invited people to open up to each other, to different opinions, to each other’s stories, to each other’s music and to party.

Italy is this year’s winner, represented by singer Maneskin and his band with the most widely spoken glam-rock track Zitti e Buoni. It also means that Italy will host next year’s edition of this festival.

As long as we are connected through music, there are no borders!

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