The Hague: SVB Curaçao applies the AOV decision

THE HAGUE – Dutch Undersecretary of Social Affairs and Employment Dennis Wiersma has no indication that Willemstad’s Social Insurance Bank (SVB) will not implement the court’s decision to overturn the reduction in benefits for beneficiaries of the AOV (General Old Age Insurance) living outside Curaçao.

Lawyer Michiel Bijkerk had informed the ministry that the SVB would not respect the court ruling. “By letter dated October 10, 2021, which I also received through the Acting Representative of the Kingdom, you drew my attention to the follow-up by SVB Curaçao of the judgment of the Common Court of Justice concerning the AOV measure from the country of Curaçao, ”writes Wiersma.

“I want to make it clear in advance that the statutory retirement pension for Curaçao is the responsibility of the country itself. In a situation like this, restraint is required on my part. This does not change the fact that there are good contacts at official level with SVB Curaçao, also on this subject. At the board level, SVB Curaçao confirmed that a start had been made with the execution of the judgment, ”said Wiersma.

“SVB Curaçao has indicated, based on the data available, that it has already written to a total of 643 potential beneficiaries as of July 1, 2021 with the request to provide data to be able to individually assess whether the interested parties meet the criteria set out in the jugement. SVB Curaçao indicates that it has not yet received a response from all potential beneficiaries, but has already started paying a first installment of clients.

Finally, Wiersma states: “This information from SVB Curaçao does not allow us to assume that the payment would not be made. From the information received, I conclude that the fact that the payment may take some time is only for administrative reasons.

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