Tasmania Labor promises ‘fixed’ feed-in tariff with solar and battery loans


The opposition Tasmanian Labor Party has pledged a budget of $ 20 million for zero-interest, low-interest loans of up to $ 15,000 for households and businesses across the country. The state can buy and install batteries and solar installations on the roofs.

The political pledge, held this week ahead of the May election in Tasmania, was offered by Labor state leader Rebecca White as a “solution” to the ruling Liberal party’s “failures” on solar power tariffs on roofs, which are expected to be further reduced this year on a historically low basis.

It also follows the Australian Energy Market Commission proposed controversial new rules two weeks ago this would charge all Australian solar homes an additional “solar tax” for exporting solar energy to the grid.

The proposed rules, although only at the draft stage and potentially years after their entry into force, would have the effect of further reducing the already declining feed-in tariffs – a blow that would hit harder. states like Tasmania, where the FiT have been consistently weak.

“Solar power owners were badly abandoned by the Liberals and saw the value of their investment plummet after the feed-in tariffs were cut,” White said in a statement Wednesday.

“The controversial new ‘solar tax’ proposed by the Australian Energy Market Commission will hit the value of feed-in tariffs even further, with people to be charged for exporting solar energy to the grid.

“Due to the evolution of the national electricity market, it is now impossible to simply restore the previous tariffs and the only solution is battery storage,” she added.

“Battery storage is equivalent to receiving a purchase price equal to the retail price charged by Aurora.

White said Labor would provide interest-free loans to households and businesses up to a value of $ 15,000 for the installation of storage batteries or a solar installation. The 10-year loans would be interest-free for the first three years, then low interest for the remaining seven.

“Tasmanians need to feel secure in their solar investment and under the Liberals it hasn’t,” the Labor leader said.

“This funding will allow Tasmanians to see a return on their solar investment, which is good for both them and the environment.

“While Labor scrambles to bring down electricity prices, Peter Gutwein and the Liberals will go their separate ways and privatize Hydro.

“Only the Labor Party is working for the Tasmanians to create a better and fairer state.”

Labor claims that the Liberal Guetwein government would privatize state-owned Hydro Tasmania came on the discovery of a legal loophole that allows assets to be sold without parliamentary approval when assets are not classified as a “principal enterprise”.

But Prime Minister Peter Gutwein dismissed the allegations as a “desperate fear campaign”.

“Tasmanians need leadership, not scare-mongering,” Gutwein said in the Burnie Advocate late last week. “… I would be more likely to go to the moon than to sell Hydro.”

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