TABLE-LNG LNG tankers en route to Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands

(Shows Al Khattiya docked; changes BW Brussels’ estimated arrival date; removes Barcelona Knutsen after changing destination; removes Seri Balqis after leaving port; removes Hoegh Gannet after changing destination ; adds Al Sheehaniya and Maria Energy) September 9 (Reuters) – The following liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers are expected to arrive in Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands in the coming weeks. Estimated arrival dates, often revised by port authorities and AIS Live ship tracking data on Refinitiv Eikon, are updated below. Some tankers bound for Belgium and Great Britain could load at the terminal. Those that should be charged are indicated with an (L). Those capable of carrying out ship-to-ship transfers are indicated by (STS). Tankers that have berthed are indicated by (A). For the Reuters LNG guide, click here: LNG SHIPPING CAPACITY FORECAST IN ARRIVAL OF THE PORT cubic meters BRITAIN Dorado LNG 156,000 Sept. 8 (A) United States Isle of Grain Al Khattiya 206,000 Sept. 8 (A) Qatar South Hook BW Brussels 159,000 Sep 9^ USA Isle of Grain Maran Gas Ithaca 170,000 Sep 11 USA South Hook Maran Gas Delphi 157,000 Sep 13 USA Dragon Al Mafyar 261,000 Sep 23^ Qatar South Hook BW Pavilionaranthera 171 000 Sep 30 USA Isle of Grain Golar Glacier 162,000 Oct 10 USA South Hook BELGIUM Al Mafyar 261,000 Sep 20^ Qatar Zeebrugge Simaisma 143,000 Sep 25 Qatar Zeebrugge Al Sheehaniya 206,000 Sep 30 Qatar Zeebrugge COUNTRY -BAS Arctic Discoverer 140,000 Sept. 6 (A) Norway Gate BW 00,172 Sept. 9 United States Gate Yamal Spirit 174,000 Sept. 10 Russia Gate Flex Ranger 174,000 Sept. 11 Egypt Gate Elisa Larus 174,000 Sept. 16 States US Gate SK Resolute 180,000 Sep 21 US Gate British Listener 174,000 Sep 23 United States Gate Maria Energy 174,000 Sep 23 United States Gate Sources: Ports, AIS Live ship tracking, Refinitiv Eikon data. (^) Partial unloading

Estimated arrival date based on flow data (Reporting by Marwa Rashad)

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