Sunny skies and warm temperatures en route in October


After a fairly humid and dreary week of excessively autumnal weather, get ready to enjoy a few days of sun and heat at the end of this week, with temperatures in the Netherlands reaching up to 20 degrees.

Hello sun, goodbye rain!

Ask anyone and they’ll quickly tell you that the Netherlands hasn’t really had much of a summer this year, and although September was, overall, a fairly dry and hot month, the first October days were anything. corn. We won’t blame you for giving up hope of seeing the sun again this year, but the good news is that this week is shaping up to be a little more lenient!

As Tuesday and Wednesday bring changing conditions, with rain showers and cloudy skies expected for much of the country, Thursday will see things clear up – literally – as the sun breaks through the cloud cover, Friday and Saturday bringing dry and sunny weather, as well as temperatures of around 18 degrees in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Experts say the Netherlands can expect a dry October

Normally at the start of October, the Netherlands enjoys temperatures of 16 degrees, so the expected heat wave this week is certainly something to look forward to, and could also mark the start of what is shaping up to be a dry and dry autumn month. soft.

Meteorologists from Weerplaza warned people should certainly be prepared for the nights to get colder and colder throughout the month, but have a rather optimistic outlook for October, hinting it could be relatively dry and hot.

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