Sons of former dictator and Hague investigator are favorites in Philippines election – News Release India

Posters in Manila with election propaganda by Bongbong Marcos, or BBM, filho do ex-ditador Ferdinand Marcos e líder nas pesquisas para presidente nas Filipinas

Posters in Manila featuring election propaganda by Bongbong Marcos, the BBM, son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos and leader in the polls for President of the Philippines| Photo: EFE/EPA/ROLEX DELA PENA

Everything in the Philippine presidential election, which will be held next Monday (9), refers to the past. The dispute between Ferdinand Marcos Jr., known as Bongbong Marcos or BBM, and Leni Robredo repeats the fight for the vice-presidency of the country in 2016 (in the Philippines, the presidential and vice-presidential elections are separated), won by the lawyer and activist from 57 years old.

Another reference to the past is the candidacy for vice-president of Sara Duterte, daughter of the current president, Rodrigo Duterte, who by law cannot be re-elected.

2022 The deepest reference, however, is BBM’s ancestry: supported by Sara in the presidential race, he is the son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the country between 1965 and whose legacy is a wound open in the public life of the Philippines.

In addition to leading a repressive regime, Marcos was known for his corruption: it is estimated that he embezzled up to $10 billion from public coffers during her time in office, and the gigantic collection of shoes that the First Dame Imelda Marcos (BBM’s mother) amassed when much of the population was living in poverty became a source of joke/outrage around the world.

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