Slow Food Netherlands launches “L’Arche in season” campaign


Slow Food Netherlands recently published the book ‘de Ark van de Smaak in Nederland’ (The Ark of Taste in the Netherlands). They stress that the publication of this book is just the beginning.

The purpose of this book is not just to be read; there is work. To promote the book as a tool for people to find out what great products to eat and when to buy them, SFNL recently launched the “De Ark in het Seizoen” campaign.

To highlight the seasonality and diversity of L’Arche du Goût products, they publish an article every two weeks on the products that are in season at that time. To better communicate what seasonality means and what factors influence the success of a harvest season, they interview growers for each product. The passion and enthusiasm of the producers really puts people in touch with them, as well as with the product and the production area.

The first two products they put forward were “Westland Table Grapes” and “Eldense Blauwe Plum”. Both products once held pride of place in the Dutch landscape. Now only a handful of people still cultivate them. Fortunately, the passion with which they cultivate these grapes and plums is effective: people call, email and text to find out about the availability weeks before the first harvest. Those in the know can’t wait to get their hands on a case of sweet and aromatic grapes.

With this campaign, Slow Food Netherlands hopes to support people’s interest in the Ark of Taste and stimulate action.

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