Slovenian Ana Soklic to sing new version of Amen at Eurovision 2021


The followers of Slovenian Eurovision 2021 singer Ana Soklič have received two good news: an a cappella rendition of “Amen” and confirmation that she will be singing a slightly different version of her entry into Rotterdam. Let’s start with the latter.

Ana Soklič to present new version of “Amen” at Eurovision 2021

Speaking to local media at a press conference hosted by broadcaster RTVSLO, Ana revealed that she will be playing a slightly different version of ‘Amen’ in Rotterdam next month. “A fragment was added to the song, and a piece of that gospel work, which was just an addition to the recording, so we decided to put it in the song itself, in the performance itself. same, which will also be presented in Rotterdam. , ” she says.

During the press conference, it was also confirmed that singer “Voda” will be joined on stage by singer Karin Zemljič. This will be Karin’s fourth time at Eurovision – she has already lent her voice to Maraaya, ManuElla and Lea Sirk.

Ana Soklič “Amen” (A capella version)

Fans will have to wait a few weeks before they can listen to Ana’s stage version “Amen”. However, there is an incredible interpretation that they can hear right now. Coinciding with the media event, Ana released an a capella version of “Amen” in collaboration with world-renowned vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile. The video was shot in Bled, a Slovenian resort town at the foot of the Julian Alps, along the glacial Lake Bled. A “Making of” video was also published.

What do you think of the a capella version of “Amen”? Are you excited to hear what Ana sings in Rotterdam? Let us know in the comments.

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