Skantrae doubles its door wrapping capacity in Zevenaar, the Netherlands

After installing a new RoRo StretchPack door wrapping line to replace a heat-shrink oven, Skantrae doubled its wrapping capacity. Overtime has been eliminated, while the working environment and packaging quality have been improved.

Skantrae is a Dutch retailer that has experienced sales growth in recent years while taking over some operations from a sister company. The 30-40% annual growth in custom door post-processing has resulted in a capacity issue on the shrink wrap line.

That is why Operations Manager Ruud Willemsen and Production Manager Peter Klomp, who are responsible for the packaging line, started a project to find a way to optimize packaging. Peter Klomp says: “At that time, we could only wrap 400 to 500 doors per day using the shrink tunnel, which was insufficient. We had to pack around 800-900 doors every day, so capacity was the main reason we were looking for a new packaging solution.”

Ruud Williemsen continues: “Actually, we were looking for a new heat shrink oven. Then we came across Tentoma’s StretchPack RoRo wrapping solution, which we could immediately see was suitable for door wrapping. We liked the idea of ​​stretching the film to fit the door instead of applying too much film which we then have to run through a shrink tunnel”.

Seven months after installation, Skantrae is ready to draw some conclusions from the investment in the new RoRo StretchPack Dfloor packaging line. Ruud Willemsen says: “I would estimate that packaging production has increased by at least 50-60%, even with less labor. The old line was packing 60 doors per hour, and the new line is currently packing 90 doors per hour, and we keep increasing that number. Now we no longer have to work overtime in the evenings and weekends when we have to pack more than five hundred doors a day.

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