Six Dutch scientists awarded millions for their research


Six scientists receive very high prices, the responsible Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) reported. Four will receive the Sponiza Prize and two the Stevin Prize, both of € 2.5 million. The money is intended for scientific research and for the activities in which their knowledge is used.

The Spinoza Prize is awarded, among others, to Marck Koper, professor of catalysis and surface chemistry at the University of Leiden. According to the NWO, it makes a crucial contribution to making the energy supply and the chemical industry greener.

Jose van Dijck, professor of media and digital society at the University of Utrecht, also receives this award because his ideas “help to understand the social impact of new media and open the discussion on public values ​​in the society of platforms ”.

According to the NWO, Lieven Vandersypen, professor of quantum nanosciences at TU Delft, is “a visionary who pushes his field further by seeking collaboration with partners inside and outside of science”. This also earned him the Spinoza Prize.

Maria Yazdanbakhsh, Professor of Cellular Immunology of Parasitic Infections at Leiden University and Head of Parasitology at LUMC, also receives the Spinoza Prize. His research is helping to develop better vaccines against parasitic infections and also better drugs against inflammatory diseases.

Bart Jacobs, Professor of Security, Privacy and Identity at Radboud University Nijmegen, will receive the Stevin Prize. He is an internationally known and valued cybersecurity specialist, the NWO said.

Judi Mesman also receives the Stevin Prize. She is Professor of the Interdisciplinary Study of Societal Challenges at Leiden University and Dean of Leiden University College in The Hague. “Mesman has a strong commitment to social justice within and beyond her field, which makes her a leading researcher in her field,” the organization said.

The Spinoza Prizes and the Steven Prizes will be awarded on October 13. The Spinoza Prize focuses on scientific work and fundamental questions. The Stevin Prize mainly rewards the social impact of research.

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