Schiphol Group publishes its figures for July 2022

LONDON – In July 2022 alone, the Royal Schiphol Group reported that 5.3 million passengers flew from, through or to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. July is considered an important month for any business as the month concludes the 2nd quarter or the first half of the year.

In July last year (2021), passenger traffic was 3 million, and a disappointing 1.3 million passengers were recorded in July 2020. In 2019 of the same month, passenger traffic was 6.7 million.

Commercial flights to and from Amsterdam Schiphol amounted to 36,000, which translates to a 24% increase compared to 2021, or a 129% increase compared to 2020 and -20% compared to compared to 2019.

Cargo unsurprisingly performed reasonably well throughout the period, where the number of cargo flights was 1,424, or -23% compared to 2021, -39% compared to 2020 and +22% compared to to pre-pandemic levels.

The tonnage carried from the airport however decreased by 8% compared to 2021 which was similar to 2020, it decreased by 7% compared to 2019.

July 2022 figures

2019 2020 2021 2022
Number of passengers 6,724,023 1,339,122 3,030,072 5,179,725
Number of commercial flights 44.736 15.704 29.141 36
Number of cargo flights 1.164 2.336 1.854 1.424
Tonnage transported 129.143 119.634 130.664 120.131

Of the 5.2 million passengers accumulated in July, 1.9 million passengers were transit passengers. 950,000 passengers were considered as “unique” passengers who were counted twice, i.e. in the international counting method as arriving passengers and departing passengers of the 3.6 million passengers who traveled to and from a destination in Europe, and 1.6 million beyond European borders.

The number of all-cargo flights decreased from 1,854 to 1,424 compared to 2021. The overall volume of all-cargo flights was 1,164 in 2019 and 2,336 in 2020. The overall volume transported was 120,131 tonnes in July 2022.

Schiphol Airport new pier A

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has awarded the construction contract for its new A Pier development to BAM Bouw en Techniek. BAM, one of the leading construction companies in the Netherlands, has won the tender awarded by Schiphol. BAM has the internal capacity to carry out the development.

Work will begin in September in the first phase of the project, Schiphol and BAM have agreed on a work schedule and are determined to find the projected costs for the completion of the pier.

The Airport Group promises the world that the new pier will be the “most sustainable pier”. Pier A will become the most sustainable in the country, thanks to sophisticated elements in the design of the pier, including the use of biomaterials, insulating glass and reusable plastic and marble tiles.

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