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In view of the rehearsals in Rotterdam, we continue to present the 39 artists in competition this year and detail their journey to Eurovision 2021.

Then it’s Montaigne from Australia, whose meteoric rise in the indie and hyperpop scene has propelled her to Rotterdam 2021. Well, sort of…

Who is Montaigne?

Montaigne is the stage name of Australian pop singer-songwriter Jessica Alyssa Cerro, born in Sydney on 14e August 1995. Jessica describes her ethnicity as a mixture of Argentinian, Spanish, Filipino and French and joins a long line of representatives from multicultural backgrounds from the diverse country of Australia at Eurovision Song Contest.

Closely linked to Montaigne’s rise to stardom is Australian independent and alternative radio station Triple J, famous around the world for its Hottest 100 countdown every year. She was a 2012 Triple J Unearthed High School finalist with her track “Anyone But Me” and entered the music business full time after graduating this year.

She signed a publishing deal in November 2012 with Albert Music, the label that owns AC / DC’s back catalog and is currently owned by UK label BMG (which will resurface in the UK profile later. …). Here she spent the following years honing her technique and writing songs under the tutelage of Michael Szumowski, developing her penchant for “introspective self-awareness” and developing “a more mature worldview”.

Settling on the stage name of Montaigne in 2013 after the famous philosopher Michel de Montaigne, his first two releases date from 2014; “I Am Not an End” and “I’m a Fantastic Wreck”, both of which were featured on his debut EP “Life of Montaigne” in November of this year.

In 2015, Montaigne released “Clip My Wings”, a booming indie pop song with a unique structure that predated his debut album “Glorious Heights” in 2016, a release which was nominated for Album of the Year. Triple J’s J Awards and was well received by Australian Music Press.

She was also featured on “1955,” a collaboration with Adelaide hip-hop group Hilltop Hoods and Tom Thum, which was ranked # 4 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2016, reached # 2 on the charts. Australians, went 8x platinum and gained 23 million views on YouTube. Montaigne capped a lightning rise in 2016 by winning the ARIA Award for Breakthrough Artist Release for his debut album.

Montaigne’s second album, “Complex,” was released in August 2019 and was supported by a 13 date live tour in November of the same year.

How did Montaigne come to Rotterdam?

Of course, Montaigne will unfortunately not be present with the rest of the artists in Rotterdam, but his successes and his journey to join Eurovision alumni are certainly worth celebrating.

A month after his tour in support of “Complex”, Australian broadcaster of the Eurovision Song Contest, SBS, confirmed that Montaigne would be among ten artists vying for victory in their national final of the competition, “Australia Decides”. Competing alongside other established Australian artists like Vanessa Amorosi, iOTA and Mitch Tambo, Montaigne’s entry “Don’t Break Me” won the competition; she finished first in the jury vote and second on television behind Casey Donovan’s “Proud”.

Unfortunately, a trip to Europe to perform the song in Rotterdam would not materialize in 2020 with the cancellation of the competition, with Montaigne posting on social media to express his feelings the day after the competition was withdrawn; “I got my cry. I spent a few hours paralyzed in bed, despondently scrolling through the many charming tweet mentions from people expressing love and support. [However it is] the most responsible and ethical decision the EBU could have made. “

Out of 2nd April 2020, SBS confirmed that Montaigne will retain her selection as an Australian artist in the 2021 competition, canceling “Australia Decides” in the process. Montaigne teased a new single entry for this year’s contest in November called “JC Ultra,” a reference to the MK Ultra experiments undertaken by the US CIA in the 50s and 60s. As she told fans on networks social “i think i wrote my eurovision song for next year, it’s totally f **** d, let’s see what mgmt (sic) says” this song was finally put aside as a 2021 entry .

Her new entry, a hyperpop women’s empowerment anthem called “Technicolor” was finally revealed on the 5th.e March 2021. Speaking of the entrance, Montaigne remarked: “I think that does it all – it makes you want to cry, it makes you want to dance, it makes you want to take on some smart corporate power – and I think it is both avant-garde and adapted to Eurovision. “

How has Montaigne been preparing for Eurovision since his selection?

The first live performance of his Eurovision Song Contest 2021 was at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras event, in front of a large audience at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Performances at the Mardi Gras event also included former Australia Decides student Electric Fields.

Ahead of her preparations for Eurovision, Montaigne appeared on Happy Mag TV’s YouTube channel, creating a sound sample pack from skate park sounds, then on March 17.e was commissioned to write and perform a theme song for the popular Australian podcast “My Brother, My Brother and Me”.

April 20e, sad news emerged from the Australian delegation as it was confirmed that they would not be able to travel to Rotterdam for the competition due to the current travel restrictions stated by the Australian government. As a result, Montaigne will perform remotely using his live on-tape performance and will be the very first Eurovision artist not to perform live at the competition during the competition.

Four days later, Montaigne made an appearance as part of Eurovision Spain’s online PreParty ES, performing his entry from his bedroom in Australia. “Technicolor” exceeded 1 million flows on 27e.

Australian Montaigne will perform ‘Technicolor’ in the first Eurovision Song Contest 2021 on May 18, performing remotely from Australia as the fifth song of the night.

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