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With one more meeting ahead of the state’s deadline for opting out of retail and marijuana consumption facilities, the city of Rotterdam is yet to discuss the matter.

The case was brought before the city again at its Wednesday night meeting by Wade Abbott, chairman of the Mohonasen Central School District Education Council. Also present was Ericka Montagino, member of the board of directors.

The district is asking the city to no longer have retail or consumer outlets for the time being.

“The city simply has too little information right now to make an informed decision on this, so it should take the conservative path of pulling out at least in the short term,” Abbott said.

The towns of Glenville and Niskayuna and the town of Schenectady have all chosen not to allow facilities at this time.

Mohonasen Superintendent Shannon Shine said on Friday it had become more difficult to detect students using marijuana in schoolyards due to the many forms it can take now.

“We haven’t seen an increase in the number of marijuana-related cases involving students; However, we have seen an increase in the type, potency and variety of marijuana infused products, ”Shine said in an email Friday. “For example, edibles are on the scene now, as are highly concentrated ‘dabs’. Due to the advent of THC vape pens, it is also more difficult to detect the use of marijuana in schools because there is less smell, the same is true for edibles so it is speculative. but likely that there was an increase in consumption at school. . ”

The school district has more than 2,800 students and families.

Members of the Mohonasen Central School District aren’t the only ones who have asked the board to consider stepping down, other residents in the past month and a half have appeared before the board during the privilege of speaking at meetings of the city council to do the same. Many, if not all, cited reasons similar to the school board – there is not enough information on how these businesses will operate.

Supervisor-elect Mollie Collins has also repeatedly told the board that it should hold a public hearing on the matter. It hasn’t happened yet.

While Mohonasen school district officials and others urged the town to step down, Schalmont school district officials sent the council a letter on December 2 stating that they believed the town would make “wise decisions. “regarding the development of the city, including the construction of cannabis retail stores. and places of consumption.

“With specific reference to cannabis dispensaries, we are confident that municipal authorities will exercise due diligence in planning and zoning said sites responsibly,” states the letter, which was provided to The Gazette by Superintendent Thomas Reardon. .

The Schalmont Central School District has 1,800 students and their families.

City officials could not be contacted for comment.

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