Rotterdam Marriott Hotel Upgrades to Latest RFID Door Lock Security and Contactless Digital Key Functionality from ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, a leading provider of advanced security technologies for the hospitality industry, announced the successful upgrade of its VingCard locks to Hotel Rotterdam Rotterdamto VingCard Classic RFID with mobile access. A spacious and modern hotel located in the Netherlands, the Rotterdam Marriott Hotel has been able to maximize building security and minimize guest infection risk by updating their VingCard locking system to the latest versions.

Originally fitted with an earlier model VingCard Mag striped lock installed in 2001 that offered the benefits of a 20-year lifespan, the Rotterdam Marriott Hotel has been able to keep pace with the continued progress of the Security access technology through the design of VingCard locks which eliminate any need for additional drilling when upgrading to a newer solution. The Rotterdam Marriott Hotel recognized that increasing guest demands for enhanced security, alongside Marriott brand demands, required an upgrade to the property’s security access infrastructure. With VingCard lock technology already present in the property, hotel executives could avoid unnecessary complex installations and integrations when looking to upgrade to advanced RFID security and mobile access compatible services. With the simple replacement of the VingCard Classic locks with the latest Classic model with both RFID and BLE capabilities, the property can now benefit from advanced technology that eliminates the risk of unauthorized key card cloning while preventing key card cloning. customers to be inconvenienced by demagnetized key cards. With instant mobile access compatibility, VingCard Classic RFID also ensures the property can align with Marriott brand requirements to provide guests with a contactless alternative to check-in and room access. .

“The needs of hotels and guests can change very suddenly in today’s market environment. It is therefore crucial that vendors can deliver technology capable of evolving with current trends in order to continue to meet customer expectations, significantly without incurring costly investments each time new functionality becomes available. , “ said Guus Verhulst, executive deputy director of the Rotterdam Marriott hotel. “ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, with its adaptable security access platforms, represents the ideal combination of enhanced functionality and future-proof affordability that the industry needs. Following the company’s most recent implementation, we are fully confident that we can meet customer expectations for hotel safety, convenience and cleanliness in 2022 and beyond.

Available through the Marriott Bonvoy app, digital check-in and room entry gives property guests the option of avoiding going to the front desk where they can come into close contact with others. Instead, guests can use personal devices to check in and receive a digital key that allows instant and secure access to their rooms. Designed using ASSA ABLOY’s award-winning Seos technology, Mobile Access notably prevents any potential security breaches by using the highest standards of data encryption and secure communication channels to deliver digital keys to devices. guests.

Leveraging ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions’ reputation as a provider of comprehensive security solutions, the Rotterdam Marriott Hotel also offers the company’s advanced line of Elsafe electronic safes in every room. Leveraging Elsafe technology to protect guest valuables for over 20 years, the facility continues to provide guests with complete peace of mind with secure features that include state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols. burglar-proof labyrinth. Offering a range of designs, sizes and color options, Elsafe safes are further recognized for their ability to precisely meet the specific needs of hotels and guests.

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