Rotterdam leaders want a new bridge over the Meuse

The municipality of Rotterdam plans to build a bridge over the Meuse between Kralingen and Feijenoord. “Just as the Erasmus Bridge made possible the development of Kop van Zuid and Katendrecht, a new river crossing should ensure the development of the rest of Rotterdam-Zuid and the construction of large-scale housing”, the city said.

“Of course, we wondered if it was the right time to invest in a new bridge. Looking at the consequences of the coronavirus, an energy crisis, a housing shortage, a staff shortage and growing inequality,” said Alderman Vincent Karremans for Enforcement, Outdoor Space and Mobility. “But this investment in a new bridge is an investment in the long-term approach to many of these issues.

According to Karremans, the investments in the new bridge are in fact an investment in Rotterdammers. It will facilitate the further development of Rotterdam-Zuid and the construction of new housing in the area between Alexander and Zuidplein. It will provide better and faster accessibility to Rotterdam-Zuid, and will make university and higher vocational education accessible within ten minutes. The bridge will also provide each of the seven districts of Rotterdam-Zuid with more than 15,000 additional jobs within the 45-minute journey.

“In short,” said Karremans, “this bridge is a lifeline for Rotterdam-Zuid, a must for the development and strengthening of the city, and therefore a logical continuation after the Erasmus bridge.”

In the coming period, the municipality, the region and the central government will discuss further details of the new bridge. After these consultations – which are expected to be completed around mid-November – the city will develop the plan in consultation with local residents, contractors, the Port Authority and other stakeholders.

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