Rotterdam budget proposal calls for tax hikes


Rotterdam’s 2022 provisional budget proposes to increase taxes on residential property owners by 2.1%, while taxes on commercial property owners will increase by 27.4%.

The proposed budget of nearly $ 26.1 million would increase by 0.42% from what was adopted for 2021. No figures for property tax revenues were provided in the provisional budget.

The budget shows the city is proposing an increase of $ 60,000 for the municipal engineer, to $ 100,000 in 2022 from $ 40,000 in 2021. An engineering consultant will increase to $ 150,000 in 2022 from $ 75,000 in 2021. In terms of revenue, the city had proposed to generate $ 700,000 in 2022. It did not have revenue on the same budget line for 2021 or 2020.

The city would not respond to questions regarding funding in the provisional budget.

Residents will also have to wait until October 13 to hear a budget presentation, eight days after city law requires a city to present the budget.

“The provisional budget has been electronically transmitted to city council and made available to the public,” city officials said in an emailed statement. “This is the first step in the budget process and it is too early to know what changes will be made in the final budget. It has been a tough fiscal year for Rotterdam, like most communities, and the city council is working hard for a responsible budget that protects and maintains services.

The budget was also not made available to the public until Wednesday after at least one resident and the Gazette verbally requested copies. By law, cities are required to file the budget with the clerk on September 30.

Clerk Diane Marco said she had been briefed on Spet. 30 not to publish it in the Gazette.

“I received the budget on September 30 from an employee in the office of the director of finance,” Marco said in an emailed statement. “When I said you called and wanted to, I asked this employee if I could release him and the supervisor told him I couldn’t. “

The Gazette was told to call the supervisor about the budget. He did not answer and did not call back the call.

When resident Robert Godlewski, a former council member, requested the document, he said he was told to call the supervisor as well.

Marco said what has happened is not the standard procedure that has been followed in recent years.

Marco said the supervisor usually calls a special meeting and presents the budget. She said supervisor Steven Tommasone didn’t. So she posted the budget online and will now present it at the board meeting on October 13.

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