Rotterdam-based green tech firm GreenRoutes raises €450,000 to optimize route planning with AI

Green Routesa Rotterdam-based green tech company, announced that it had raised €450,000 in a pre-seed funding round from the Graduate Entrepreneur Fund and others.

The company says it will use the funds to accelerate product development and expand its platform.

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How was GreenRoutes born?

GreenRoutes was initially started by brothers Ramy and Yousry Salem, and Coen Douma joined them later.

During his studies, Yousry worked in the office of a waste collection company and noticed that route planning was done manually. This led him to develop specific algorithms to solve this problem with his brother, who was then doing research for his master’s thesis in econometrics.

Coen was working at software investor Main Capital at the time and came on board to complete the expansion.

GreenRoutes: what you need to know

The demand for planning technology is high, driven by the search for sustainability, shortages of (planning) staff, the desire to work in the cloud, and soaring fuel prices.

GreenRoutes specializes in optimizing routes for businesses such as waste collectors and metal wholesalers using artificial intelligence (AI).

The company’s software solution optimizes inefficient routes, automates planning and reduces reliance on planning staff.

The product offered by the Dutch company can be easily linked to any administration software (ERP), so companies in the waste collection and wholesale trade or other sectors with their own logistics can integrate seamlessly.

The company aims to offer a one-stop-shop for route optimization, GPS and navigation, automated trip recording and ETAs to customers without using expensive and delicate hardware devices.

“We are noticing with our customers and in the wider market that sustainability is an increasingly relevant topic, partly in view of high fuel prices. We can use our software to give our customers instant insight into how much CO₂ and liters of fuel are used per day, and where there is room for savings,” the company writes in the press release.

The GreenRoutes solution guarantees significant savings in staff hours (drivers/loaders) and kilometres. Additionally, automating route planning results in reduced staff hours for planners, the company says.

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