Ready to say yes? Get harnessed by Elvis to Rotterdam’s new chapel

Have you always dreamed of the experience of a Vegas wedding, but wished it was a little closer to you? What is happening in Vegas is now happening in Rotterdam.

One of the craziest experiences of my life was actually flying to Vegas for an impromptu wedding. One cold January morning in 1995, while studying at Rutgers University, my roommate and his girlfriend decided at 3 a.m. that it would be fun to jump on a jet to Sin City to hitchhike. , and of course I had to follow to be the best man.

Once in Vegas, I spent the day telling them about it, and we all walked home like nothing had happened. If only we had had a Las Vegas style wedding chapel we could have avoided all that money blown on last minute plane tickets! If you think about a great decision like this, at least now you have a local option for the Vegas wedding experience.

Vegas Wedding Chapel now open at ViaPort in Rotterdam

Yes, you read that right. The whole Vegas wedding experience, complemented by an Elvis impersonator / officiant to help you tell what you’re doing, is now up and running in the new Little Vegas Wedding Chapel and Theater at ViaPort in Rotterdam, according to a Daily Gazette . report. For $ 499, you can have the wedding of your dreams in Vegas, minus the 5-hour flight. You can even have your reception prepared on site!

So if you ever fancy a last minute Vegas wedding at 3am in the morning, skip all the hassle and start planning your Little Vegas wedding. website instead of jumping on a jet to the city of sin like that young idiot did all those years ago.

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