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During a visit to the Snellius supercomputer, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands appeared with her right hand in a splint.

Following inquiries from the Dutch newspaper NOS, the Government Information Service (or in Dutch for short RVD) confirmed that the Queen had suffered a broken bone as a result of an accident.

In the press release, it is not specified what caused the accident or how long Her Majesty will have to wear the protection. However, he clarified that Queen Máxima had been complaining of pain for some time and that the diagnosis of a fracture was made following medical treatment for the said pain.

The pain clearly did not stop the Queen, who on the morning of September 16, 2021, traveled to the Amsterdam Science Park to open the new national supercomputer called Snellius.

This technological breakthrough is a data storage facility located in the Amsterdam Data Tower and will be used to store and process data for all fields of science, from social sciences to medicine and biology.

This new supercomputer has a capacity ten times greater than its predecessor, called Cartesius, and will allow researchers to be more efficient in their studies.

Snellius was also designed to reduce power consumption as it uses a water-based cooling system instead of air systems which involve fans which are still used in regular computers.

Queen Máxima also participated in a panel discussion on the possibilities offered by supercomputers in scientific research and the opportunities offered by new technologies to tackle social problems.

Despite a fractured hand and severe pain, Her Majesty’s agenda has not been changed so far. The RVD press release said she would need a rest, but the agenda on the Royal Household website was not changed.

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