Price Chopper/Market 32 ​​Gives Rare Crustacean Permanent Vacation

Rarely pigmented lobsters are often found by grocers and sent to live quieter lives in aquariums

Photo by Lauren Stanforth

BRUNSWICK – A lobster was rescued from the pot last week after a Price Chopper/Market 32 ​​staff member immediately noticed the orange tint to the lobster’s shell.

When the pigmentation of one of the colors composing the body of the crustacean is accentuated – often due to a genetic mutation – this leads to a blue, white, calico lobster – or in this case, a yellow or orange color.

Different statistics abound on the rarity of such a shell – one in 3 million, one in 10 million, one in 30 million even. But regardless of the official number, it’s a find worth noting.

The unusual sea dweller was immediately spotted by a Market 32 ​​employee in Brunswick as he unloaded lobsters to put in the seafood department’s tank, according to a Price Chopper spokesperson.

The lobster – as happened to two other orange brothers at Price Choppers five years ago – was donated to the Via Aquarium in Rotterdam on Friday.

An aquarium official could not be immediately reached on Monday about how the lobsters are kept and/or displayed to the public.

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