Over 79,000 new housing units planned in The Hague region

Over 79,000 new homes will be built in the Haaglanden region in the coming years, including more social housing. An agreement on the plan was reached on Friday between the eight municipalities in the region, including The Hague and Zoetermeer, the province of Zuid-Holland and housing associations.

The housing shortage in the area continues to increase and the need to build new homes is great, according to the parties concerned. It is also about achieving a better distribution of social housing among the municipalities of the region.

“We are seeing a growing need for housing. In order to ensure that enough housing is available by 2030, we are adding significantly more housing,” said Robin Paalvast, chair of the committee tasked with finding a consensus solution between the parties involved. .

“We have a housing crisis. To ensure sufficient social housing, housing associations will have to build three times more in the coming years than they are currently doing,” said Mohamed Baba, president of the association of social landlords. from the Haaglanden region. He said that “it is important that everyone involved works hard not only to lay out the houses on paper, but also to actually build them.”

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