One dead, one injured in Amsterdam-Oost shooting

Two people were seriously injured in a shooting in Amsterdam-Oost on Friday evening. One of them, a 41-year-old man from the capital, died from his injuries, police said.

The second victim, a 21-year-old resident of Amsterdam, was taken to hospital. Police said his injuries were not life-threatening. He has been taken into custody while authorities investigate his role in the shooting.

The young victim was found injured in the Dulongstraat by witnesses who contacted the authorities just before 8:40 p.m. Police arrived at the scene and found the man with gunshot wounds. Their investigation turned to a house near the Fizeaustraat, where the shooting took place.

Once there, officers found the other man injured. Records show the first paramedics were dispatched at 8.41pm, a trauma team in a helicopter was dispatched three minutes later and more ambulances were dispatched at 8.53pm. It was not immediately clear whether the victim died at the scene or in hospital.

Locals told a photojournalist at the scene that they were startled by three loud bangs at 8.31pm, 10 minutes before the first ambulance was dispatched.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, police said Saturday morning. Authorities asked witnesses with information, or those with camera footage of the area, to contact them immediately.

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