Nova Scotia issues stern warning for September 3 over Ajax, Formula 1 and sold-out concerts

Dutch Railways NS is telling people not to take trains during the afternoon of September 3 if they intend to travel to or from the area around the Johan Cruijff ArenA. NS are expecting a massive crowd that day as Ajax will play SC Cambuur that day in the ArenA. Additionally, Kensington will perform a sold-out concert at the Ziggo Dome, while Yade Lauren will perform to a packed house at AFAS Live.

On top of that, the NS will transport Formula 1 fans to and from Zandvoort for events around the Dutch Grand Prix.

From around 2:15 p.m., trains will completely bypass scheduled stops at several stations, including Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA, Holendrecht and in some cases Duivendrecht. Train service to and from these stations will resume at 8:30 p.m.

The district will remain accessible by metro. Rescheduling the football match proved impossible. As a result, the NS announced that it was unable to guarantee the safety of travelers at Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA station.

“Right after the football match, the trains around the ArenA area will be full of F1 fans on their way home,” NS speculated. The transport company is unable to run additional trains or make additional stops to relieve the pressure.

It is extraordinary that no train can run ‘due to an event elsewhere in the country’, Ajax said. “We are concerned about what this means for the organization of future events in the ArenA.” The Amsterdam club have announced that they will be contacting over 50,000 people who have purchased a ticket for the game, so that they can get to the game on time.

SC Cambuur fans also announced earlier this week that they would boycott the game against Ajax out of dissatisfaction with security and police actions in Amsterdam in the past.

The Ziggo Dome finds the NS decision “too ridiculous for words,” director Danny Damman said in response to questions. “We have a big problem,” Damman said. “I’m not talking about the fans, but also about the huge amount of flexible staff we use who are now unable to reach the Ziggo Dome.” The Ziggo Dome has already held intensive consultations with the NS in recent weeks, but to no avail. “I don’t understand why the NS makes this choice and puts concert and football fans at a disadvantage.”

Ziggo Dome will try to move a bad situation in the right direction, with AFAS Live and the Johan Cruijff ArenA. “We will try to inform everyone as best we can about the situation, that’s all we can do. But it will cause big, big problems if all the people who would have come by train now take the car” , he added. said Damman.

Melanie van der Horst, the alderman of Amsterdam in charge of the issue from a political point of view, said in response: “On these busy days with multiple events that attract many visitors, accessibility is always a challenge. Now that NS has decided that visitors cannot take the train to travel via Bijlmer Arena station, it will become even more difficult to quickly get all visitors in and out of the area.”

The Alderman said she was working hard on alternative travel options, “using additional subways and creating additional parking lots”.

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