No cocaine detected when rum shipment left Guyana for the Netherlands – Guyana newsroom

A container of Guyana rum was recently intercepted in the Netherlands with more than 1,100 pounds of cocaine, but the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) says this container was scanned before leaving Guyana and that no drugs or no other illegal or restricted substance was found on board. .

A statement from the GRA indicated that the shipment was scanned in Guyana in accordance with stipulated procedures. Subsequently, the container then transited to another Caribbean territory.

According to the GRA, the container was unloaded in this country and remained there for some time before being loaded onto another ship bound for the Netherlands. The discovery of the cocaine was made after the arrival of the shipment in late November.

An earlier press release from the Anti-Narcotics Customs Unit (CANU) also hinted at possible tampering with the shipment in unidentified Caribbean territory. CANU said the cargo remained in the Caribbean territory for five days.

At the same time, the GRA press release stressed that it had instituted a system of rigid controls. This system, the GRA said, limits the likelihood of narcotic substances being exported or transhipped through Guyanese ports.

In addition, GRA also stated that this system process allows for simultaneous viewing of scanned images by agents from sister agencies, and subsequent backup checks before shipment.

These images are stored and backed up at various locations, reducing the likelihood of repeat deletion of images.

The press release said it will allow members of the media to view these images shortly and when the scanner officially opens, it will allow media representatives to view the scanning process.

Meanwhile, investigations into this massive drug trafficking continue.

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