New promo of episode 3 of season 4 of Amsterdam: who warns Helen?


New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 3 arrives on NBC next week, and we have a feeling it’s going to be a big deal for Max and Helen. Surprised? Well, that will probably be the way things go at least for the immediate future.

As we move into the next new episode, we know that much of the hospital is going to have reactions to Max and Sharpe being a couple. Still, that’s probably not the ONLY thing they’re going to have a reaction to. Are the two really going to leave? This is something that will be difficult for the hospital to digest, especially given all the work Max has been doing, including turning this hospital around and rebuilding it almost from scratch.

At the end of the promo below, Karen says some disturbing words – does she tell Helen that she is making a mistake being with Max? We understand why some might think this, but it almost feels like it’s kind of a trap. Instead, it seems a little more likely that we’ll see a situation come up here where it challenges the other part of the decision. Getting away and being together is definitely a big step – yet that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the wrong choice. They should prove some skeptics wrong and in the end, that’s okay. What matters is that they continue to stay strong.

If you love Max and Helen, just remember this: Very little in the world of television moves in a straight line, especially when it comes to relationships. We believe Sharpwin can make this work, but it’s also pretty clear that it won’t be easy.

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