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Render of the new Harbor Experience Center, designed by MVRDV and Kossmanndejong. All images are courtesy of MVRDV and Kossmanndejong.

Designs for a reception center were unveiled this week as the city of Rotterdam seeks to transform public space into Europe’s busiest port.

The new Harbor Experience Center (HEC) is a collaboration between Dutch companies MVRDV and Kossmanndejong and features a series of five exhibition spaces stacked and rotated to provide visitors with unique views of the city and harbor through panoramic windows and an outdoor roof terrace with 266 solar panels.

Rooftop view with solar panels. Images courtesy of MVRDV and Kossmanndejong.

“The center allows you to discover the port and understand what it means for society, the economy and the environment,” said Richard van der Eijk, director of communications and external affairs of the port of Rotterdam, in a communicated.

The design was intended to replace FutureLand, the popular tourist destination that opened in 2009 and currently welcomes over 100,000 visitors per year.

An exterior view of the building with bicycle parking. Images courtesy of MVRDV and Kossmanndejong.

Connected by an external staircase that surrounds the stacked volumes, the HEC will host the new permanent exhibition of the Port Authority, which is interwoven with a cafe on the ground floor, a central atrium and a restaurant on the fourth floor in a supposed scheme. reflect the efficiency of the port itself.

The multi-storey atrium is located at the heart of the HEC. Images courtesy of MVRDV and Kossmanndejong.

Much of the net-zero building is made from repurposed materials, including a donated steel structure and an acoustic ceiling made from recycled pulp. The HEC will also be fully demountable, without a concrete foundation and comprising facade panels that can be reused at the end of its functional life cycle.

The HEC also has a windmill on site and will open in 2024.

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