‘New Amsterdam’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere – Helen’s Letter

Warning: the following contains spoilers from Tuesday New Amsterdam first. Proceed at your own risk!

New Amsterdam‘s Max didn’t exactly get the closure he was looking for from his ex-fiancée Helen when it premiered Tuesday’s fifth and final season.

The episode opened with a montage spanning the months since their breakup, in which Max marked Luna’s birthday and his friends comforted him. Meanwhile, former cast member Freema Agyeman’s voice was heard on the footage, reading a letter Helen wrote to Max.

“What I did was unforgivable, for you, for our friends, for sweet Luna. It was never my intention, none of this is what I intended,” reads- on in the note. “Everything I told you was true, everything we had was real. But so was that thing that kept me in London, that kept me from marrying you. I would like to know what it was. I wish I could tear it away, erase it, to be with you, because you deserve all the happiness in the world. I wish I had an explanation to help ease your pain, but none came.

Continuing to follow this letter will be “a slow process” for Max, says executive producer Peter Horton in the video above. “It’s not something that happens quickly.”

Initially, in the premiere, Max can only remember the good times he shared with Helen. But once he started remembering all the scary moments in their relationship, “I think being able to finally answer those questions on his own allows him to not obsess about it, allows him to move on. something else,” showrunner David Schulner shares. “It’s not something we’re going to play throughout Max’s season. [being] like, ‘Why did she leave me?’

For the heartbroken doc, “it’s not entirely clear why she left that letter, and I think that may be something we’ll get to later,” adds star Ryan Eggold. “But I think [he’s] realizing that he’s sort of looking at it with rose-colored glasses, that he’s focused on those moments that were perfect and everything was still going well, and that he wasn’t really aware of the issues that existed or his desire to get away or things like that. I think he wanted it to work so badly that he was a little blind to it. So I think waking up with that brings him back a lot to the present, and it allows him, I think, to start moving again instead of getting stuck.

Although even Helen couldn’t explain in her letter why she couldn’t get married, the signs were there all along that something was wrong between “Sharpwin,” as evidenced by the episode’s countless flashbacks. , going all the way. throwback to last season’s premiere. So, was it just a coincidence that the producers had these scenes in their back pocket?

“We didn’t even know we would have Freema for Season 4. Freema was thinking of leaving after Season 3. So Season 4 was a gift to us,” Schulner previously revealed to TVLine, adding now that “we planted those moments throughout Season 4 so we would have them as an explanation. The road signs were there if you looked.

Eagle-eyed viewers may also have noticed that, while all of Max’s friends stepped up to support him in times of need, he and Dr. Elizabeth Wilder (played by Sandra Mae Frank), in particular, shared a few looks that could be interpreted. as having chemistry.

“Oh no. There’s nothing at all,” Horton said (sarcastically?) with a smile.

Recap of New AmsterdamEggold, who directed the season opener, said, “We did the push on her and that look [at the end of the episode], and I couldn’t shout “Cut!” because she was so amazing in it and alive and connected, and it was spellbinding to see her do that moment. So I think I rode it for about 10 minutes. I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, we need it for two seconds, okay.'”

“So talking about Ryan about Sandra, I can say she’s an absolute joy to work with and so talented and so smart and brings great things to the scenes and is so fun,” Eggold continues. “As far as Max and Wilder, Wilder was there for Max as a friend even, I think it was Wilder’s first episode, she was giving him advice on Sharpe and saying, ‘Don’t let her go’ and all. So there was a good connection with them, I think, from the very beginning.

New Amsterdam fans, hit PLAY above to hear more about Agyeman’s “comeback,” then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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