Netherlands: Televotes will receive refunds after some valid votes are not recorded


Can I get a refund, please? That was the question in the minds of many Eurovision fans in the Netherlands after their valid votes were not counted in the grand final.

Several Dutch media, including By Telegraaf, reported that some viewers were unable to vote in the final. There were no similar reports in the first semi-final, in which the Netherlands also voted.

Those affected initially did not receive a message confirming whether their votes had been voted. But later that night, they received messages saying they could not vote because “the vote is already over”. Some remote telephones received this message until 4 a.m. And while their votes didn’t count, the texters were still charged.

EBU concludes Dutch televoting results were legitimate

The EBU conducted an investigation and quickly concluded that uncounted televotes would probably be do not had an impact on the overall results of televoting in the Netherlands.

Despite this, Dutch Eurovision viewers have always taken to social media to complain about the votes not counted. Many wrote that they sent multiple votes by text, spending up to several euros.

In its investigation, the EBU concluded that the problem only affected the Dutch branch of T-Mobile. T-Mobile is one of the largest telephone network providers in the Netherlands with around 6 million customers in 2020.

Telecommunications company told the ANP that they are still investigating. But he has already said that all tele-voters with uncounted votes should be refunded.

Have you been affected by this problem? Are you happy to receive a refund? Let us know in the comments below!

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