Netherlands issues stricter travel advice for Greek islands of Kos, Mykonos and Rhodes


The Dutch Foreign Ministry will change travel advice for the Greek islands of Mykonos, Kos and Rhodes to code orange next Sunday, meaning travel to these islands is no longer recommended for non-essential reasons. In addition, travel alerts for Sardinia, Italy and the country of Romania will be reduced from code orange to code yellow at the start of Friday.

From Sunday, anyone leaving the Greek islands for the Netherlands will be asked to provide a negative coronavirus test before being allowed to travel. People arriving from the Greek islands will also be asked to self-quarantine upon arrival in the Netherlands, the ministry said.

On May 15, travel advice for most of the Greek islands changed from orange to yellow, meaning Dutch tourists can leave for Greece without having to test themselves or isolate themselves on their return home. . It was among the first places where coronavirus health warnings were reduced. Public health agency RIVM noted last week that the situation regarding the coronavirus in the southern Aegean islands has started to deteriorate.

“To avoid a yo-yo effect as much as possible, this week we looked at whether the trend is continuing or whether there may have been just a temporary spike. Unfortunately, the numbers turned out to be worrying again this week, ”the ministry said, according to the ANP.

“That is why it has been decided to designate the southern Aegean islands, in accordance with the advice of the RIVM, from Sunday as an area of ​​increased risk, which will result in an orange travel advisory”, have they continued.

The Foreign Ministry also announced that Sardinia will be the first place in Italy to receive a yellow travel warning code. “After a stay in Sardinia, you don’t need to test negative when you return to the Netherlands and you don’t need to go into quarantine (at home),” the ministry said. Those traveling to Sardinia from the Netherlands will still need to provide a negative coronavirus test.

Likewise, the whole country of Romania will be designated code yellow, which means that it will not be necessary to present a coronavirus test to travel from there to the Netherlands, nor that a quarantine will be required. “Travel to Romania is possible, but please note: there are entry restrictions. As a traveler from the Netherlands, you must be quarantined or quarantined at home upon arrival in Romania if you are not fully vaccinated, ”the ministry wrote.

The ministry issues travel advice for countries and regions based on advice from the RIVM. The public health agency primarily examines the latest infection figures before giving advice.

The ministry said it was aware that Greece’s decision would “have a significant impact on travelers,” but again stressed that traveling during the coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly carries a risk. “It is and remains important that travelers prepare very well for the trip and also keep themselves informed of developments during their stay and upon their return,” the ministry said.

“After all, the situation in a country can change quickly,” they concluded.

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