Netflix of starred chefs: Amsterdam’s streaming platform Cheflix raises 2 million euros to attract international starred chefs to its platform

Amsterdam-based Cheflix, a streaming platform that offers masterclasses from chefs and Michelin experts, claims to have had huge success since launching in January 2021. Aided by the lockdown and curfew, dozens of Thousands of members have subscribed in no time.

The startup has announced that it has raised 2 million euros as part of a new funding round.

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Capital for new productions, marketing and team

The proceeds from this funding round will help Cheflix accelerate its international growth, starting with the UK and Scandinavia. The funds will also be used to produce new masterclasses with the world’s biggest and best-known international starred chefs. Their website will be online in December 2021.

In addition to the collaboration with great chefs, significant investments are also made in the quality of the films.

Jeroen van den Brink, co-founder of Cheflix, says: “These international masterclasses are actually like little feature films. The films are unique in that we make the recordings at the chefs in their own kitchens or in beautiful places like a vineyard.

With the capital raised, Cheflix claims that well-known international chefs will soon be added to, among others, the 10 best chefs in the world. The investment will continue to be used for marketing and team expansion.

Cheflix app

Along with the website launch, Cheflix will also showcase an app that will make it easy for cooking enthusiasts to stream Cheflix via smartphone, tablet and even TV.

The company says it has invested in the user experience (UX) and artificial intelligence (AI) of the app to be able to present personalized content for each member. “Vegetarian cooking enthusiasts, for example, won’t see recipes with meat in their timeline,” explains Jeroen van den Brink.

“Learn from the world’s greatest chefs”

Founded in 2021 by Thomas van Burg and Jeroen van den Brink, Cheflix is ​​a streaming platform for anyone who enjoys cooking and eating well. Top Michelin-starred chefs such as Jacob-Jan Boerma, Ron Blaauw and Hans van Wolde teach step-by-step how to prepare great food quickly and easily.

The platform offers online masterclasses which consist of around 15 video lessons of an average of 10 minutes each to help users learn in their own way and at their own pace. With each masterclass, users can download a workbook with all the recipes, to take notes and have convenient shopping lists immediately at hand.

In a statement, Cheflix says it started with online cooking classes from the Netherlands’ top Michelin-starred chefs, including Jacob-Jan Boerma, Ron Blaauw and Hans van Wolde. In summer 2021, members could also learn from masterclasses from top Belgian chefs such as Viki Geunes and Roger van Damme.

In addition to cooking classes from renowned chefs, viewers can also learn all about wines, champagne, cocktails and baking bread. In the future, the company plans to offer masterclasses on the perfect “dinner talk”, etiquette and food styling.

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