More orders for the Rotterdam start-up’s on-board CO2 capture technology



An on-board system to capture a ship’s carbon dioxide emissions has gotten more orders for the technology, according to the makers of the technology, Rotterdam-based Maritime Value.

company spokesperson Yvette van der Sommen told Technology Website Innovation Origins that the company hopes to capture “a large market share in the medium term.”

As a small start-up, Value Maritime is a fleet of foot and “able to enter the market very quickly”, she said.

“It’s not too bureaucratic, which is a real advantage.”

According to Sommen, the technology works using a filter system that connects to a ship’s exhaust.

This system cleans the ship’s emissions, a necessary step before removing carbon dioxide.

The cleaning is carried out via a pre-installed “plug and play” scrubber system which removes sulfur and particles. The filtration system also removes these pollutants from the wastewater or ship wash.

Twelve vessels use the filtering system, which can be extended with the CO2 module. In addition, the company has five new orders for the filtration system plus the CO2 module, including repeat orders for Visser Expedition and Boomsma Expedition, the company said.


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